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19 Jun The Natural Confectionery Company
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Sunrise was founded by a young Julius Lighton and his son-in-law, Walter Eger. Initially, the two bought out Jupp & Sons, a small confectionery business in Abbotsford, Melbourne. Two years later, anot..
15 Jul SweetCo - Ardara Sweet Co. Ltd.
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SweetCo, Ireland's Largest and Cheapest Sweet SuppliersLooking for Wedding Sweets, get all you need from, Ireland's largest and cheapest online sweet store. We provide sweets for weddings..
19 Sep Wedding Candy Carts
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Wedding Sweet Table / Candy Cart  What is a candy buffet? A Candy buffet is where you serve your guests confectionery and that the guests at your wedding can directly see the lovely selectio..
04 Oct Our Logo
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What's in a Logo?If you look at our logo, the thinking behind it becomes apparent.   We sell sweets, chocolate, etc. and our logo was designed to represent exactly that.  Extracting the hues from li..
15 Jun Barratts
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Barratt & Co was once the largest sugar confectionery manufacturer in the world. Today it is best known for children’s confectionery products such as Sherbet Fountains and Dip Dabs.  George Osborne Ba..
15 Jun Bassetts
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Throughout much of the nineteenth century, Bassett’s was the largest sugar confectionery manufacturer in the world. Today the brand is best known for Liquorice Allsorts and Jelly Babies.  George Basse..
15 Jun Cadburys
jagall 0 1862
Cadbury is the second highest selling confectionery brand in the world after Wrigley’s chewing gum. The Cadbury Dairy Milk chocolate bar was introduced in 1905. Developed by George Cadbury Jr, it wa..
15 Jun Oatfield Blog
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Oatfield Sweets began as a wholesale and retail outlet on the Port Road in Letterkenny. The company was first founded by Ira and Haddon McKinney in 1927. The McKinney family began to make their own sw..
15 Jun Swizzels Blog
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Swizzels are one of the longest running sweet factories in the world, making sweets since 1928 and still continue inventing to this day.1928Alfred and Maurice Matlow launched Matlow Bros. ..
20 Jun Tayto
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Tayto was established by Joe ‘Spud’ Murphy in 1954 at a time when most crisps were imported from the UK and were unflavoured bar the small blue bag of salt included in each bag to enhance the flavour...
04 Feb Too Sweet for Valentine's Day
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Struggling what to get that special someones this Valentines. Surprise him/her with a special delivery of the favourite chocolate or sweets.  What could be nicer than to receive an unexpected delive..
12 Feb What We Do
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What we do Looking for confectionery for an upcoming event, then no doubt you have been googling online sweets and what is the best but cheapest online sweet store in Ireland.  So you have stumb..
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