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Airwaves Cherry

30 Units per Box

Delicious Cherry Flavour from our Chewing Gum and Bubble Gum Range. Buy chewing Gum in Bulk...

€24.60 €16.60 Ex Tax: €13.50

Clove Drops Bags

15 Units per Box

Clove Drops Bags: Traditional hand-made toffees and boiled sweets.Tags: Toffee, Sweets, Oatfield, ..

€30.74 €27.05 Ex Tax: €21.99

Extra Strawberry

30 Units per Box

Extra Strawberry: The Chewing Gum and Bubble Gum Range. Tags: Wrigleys, Gum, Extra Strawberry, W..

€15.99 Ex Tax: €13.00

Fini 5c Watermelon Slices

250 Count per Bag

Fini 5c Watermelon Slices ..

€14.75 €10.99 Ex Tax: €8.93

Haribo Giant Sour Strawberries

150 Count per Tub

Haribo Giant Sour Strawberries: 20c. Tags: Haribo, Sweets, Haribo Sour Strawberries, Wholesale S..

€11.99 €7.95 Ex Tax: €6.46

Haribo Happy Cherries

150 Count per Tub

Haribo Happy Cherries: 20c. Tags: Haribo, Sweets, Haribo Happy Cherriess, Wholesale Sweets, Conf..

€11.99 €7.95 Ex Tax: €6.46

Haribo Red Throb Hearts (960g Sweet Tub)

960g Tub

Haribo Red Throb Hearts 960g Kids Sweets: 2c Sweets..

€11.99 €7.95 Ex Tax: €6.46

Haribo Sour Cherries

150 Count per Tub

Haribo Sour Cherries: 5c Sweets. Tags: Haribo, Sweets, Haribo Sour Cherries, Wholesale Swee..

€11.99 €7.95 Ex Tax: €6.46

Hot Lips

200 Count per Tub

Hot Lips: 5c Sweets.Tags: Sweets, Retro, Kids Sweets, Hot Lips, Wholesale Sweets, Confectionery, i..

€12.92 Ex Tax: €10.50

Large Candy Canes (96 pieces)

96 Count per Tub

96 Traditional Candy Canes Each Candy Cane weights 28gTraditional red & white Peppermint ca..

€47.99 €38.40 Ex Tax: €31.22

Nerds - Watermelon & Cherry

36 Units per Box

For the love of Nerds what-A-melon and so very cherry Each pack contains 36 x 46.7g boxes ..

€43.05 Ex Tax: €35.00

Red Band Strawberries

100 Count per Tub

Red Band Strawberries: 5c Sweets. Tags: Sweets, Retro, Kids Sweets, Red Band Strawberries, Whole..

€14.76 €9.23 Ex Tax: €7.50

Twin Cherries (120 x 10c)

120 Count per Tub

Twin Cherries (120 x 10c)New Selection of Sweetzone Tubs.Made with Real Fruit Juices Sweetzone p..

€11.99 €9.59 Ex Tax: €7.80

Apple Red Candy Buffet Popcorn Treat Boxes

5 per Pack

Fall in love with our old-fashioned theatre/cinema Apple Red Popcorn Favour Boxes!Whether you f..

€3.65 Ex Tax: €2.97

Apple Red Candy Buffet Scalloped Labels - 20pk

20 per Pack

Our Apple Red Favour Sticker Labels are ideal for personalise favours and gifts.These roun..

€1.49 Ex Tax: €1.21