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Foam Blue Raspberries (960g)

Foam Blue Raspberries  (960g)
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Foam Blue Raspberries (960g)

600 Count per Tub

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Foam Blue Raspberries  (960g)

600 x 2c 

New Selection of Sweetzone Tubs.  Made with Real Fruit Juices.  Sweetzone provide a wide range of Tub sweets with a lot of different types of sweets where you can get large, great value sharing bags of marshmallows, chews, jelly sweets, belts, pencils, lollies, pencil jelly and more.

Sweetzone products are all halal suitable and many are also suitable for vegetarians. This makes Sweetzone Tubs ideal for a large variety of consumers who for many reasons may not wish to eat standard confectionery, which often contains pork derivatives and other non-halal ingredients.


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