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Halloween Sweets

Halloween Sweets

Get trick or treat ready this Halloween with the great selection of treats like sweets.

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Black Magic (348g) x 4

4 x Units

Black Magic: Nestle Chocolate Luxury Gift Box Range.4 x 348g Box of Black Magic..

€39.99 €30.45 Ex Tax: €24.76

Cadburys Crunchie

48 Units per Box

Crunchie: Cadburys Standard Bar. Tags: Chocolate, Bars, Cadburys, Crunchie, Wholesale Sweet..

€44.90 €46.49 Ex Tax: €37.80

Fini 5c Gloworms

250 Count per Bag

Fini Gloworms: 5c. Tags: Fini, Sweets,Fini Gloworms, Wholesale Sweets, Confectionery, irish sw..

€14.75 €10.99 Ex Tax: €8.93

Fini Teeth

250 Count per Bag

Fini Teeth: 5c. Fruit flavoured gummy teeth ..

€14.75 €10.99 Ex Tax: €8.93

Haribo Freaky Fish

120 Count per Tub

Haribo Freaky Fish: 5c Sweets.Fruit Flavour Gums ..

€11.99 €7.95 Ex Tax: €6.46

Haribo Fruity Frogs (937g Sweet Tub)

375 Count per Tub

Haribo Fruity Frogs 2c SweetsFruit Flavour Gums with Sweet Foam Gum...

€11.99 €7.95 Ex Tax: €6.46

Haribo StarMix (140g)

12 Units per Box

Haribo Mix Ups: Large Selection of Assorted range in our Kids Lines. Tags: Haribo, Sweets, ..

€13.52 Ex Tax: €10.99

Haribo Starmix Bags 190g

30 Units per Box

Haribo Starmix Bags 190g Bags: Haribo Bags...

€30.00 €27.00 Ex Tax: €21.95

Haribo Tangfastics

12 Units per Box

Haribo Tangfastics Bags: Haribo Bags. Tags: Haribo, Sweets, Haribo Tangfastics Bags, Wholesale S..

€13.52 €10.98 Ex Tax: €8.93

Haribo Terrific Turtles (937g)

375  Count per Tub

Haribo Terrific Turtles - Bubblegum Flavour No artificial colours...

€11.99 €7.95 Ex Tax: €6.46

Haribo Yellow Bellies

24  Count per Tub

Haribo Yellow Bellies: 30c.A firm favourite is our Haribo Yellow Bellies or Jelly Snakes 972g Tubs. ..

€11.99 €7.95 Ex Tax: €6.46

Jawbreakers "Terror Eyes"

15  Units per Box

Jawbreakers: Range of Kids' Gum.Terror eyes are liquid filled gumballs that are perfect for Hallowe..

€15.01 €13.99 Ex Tax: €11.37

Little Teeth ( 600 x 2c)

600 Count per Tub

Little Teeth ( 600 x 2c) New Selection of Sweetzone Tubs. Made with Real Fruit Juices Sweetzone prov..

€11.99 €9.59 Ex Tax: €7.80

M&;M Peanut

24 Units per Box

M&M Peanut: Mars Chocolate Small and Large Bags. Tags: Mars, Bags, Chocolate, M&M Peanut, Wholes..

€19.68 €21.53 Ex Tax: €17.50

Milk Teeth

24 Units per Box

Milk Teeth: New Selection of Crilly Large Bags (130g).Tags: Milk Teeth, Wholesale Sweets, Confecti..

€19.68 €17.22 Ex Tax: €14.00