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Barratt & Co was once the largest sugar confectionery manufacturer in the world. Today it is best known for children’s confectionery products such as Sherbet Fountains and Dip Dabs.  

Brand: Barratts Model: BTKD1001
240 Count per Tub
Barratt's Milk TeethA new range of the old favourite will soon be available in store. To place your early order, contact us now.All prices display ex-VAT:Tags: Milk Teeth, wholesale sweets, confectionery, sweetco, ireland, donegal, ardara. ..
€12.05 €11.50 Ex Tax:€9.35
Brand: Barratts Model: BTKD1002
12 Units per Box
Milk Teeth Bag.Tags: Milk Teeth Bag, Sweets, Barratts, Wholesale Sweets, Confectionery Distributors, Bulk Buy, Cash and Carry, Ardara, Donegal, Ireland..
€12.16 Ex Tax:€9.89
Brand: Barratts Model: TB-KDIPDAB
50 x 23g
Remember these from your school days, Barratt Dip Dabs, Sherbet Dip with a tasty strawberry flavour lolly, a real retro favourite!Contains no artificial colours and flavours...
€21.99 Ex Tax:€17.88
Brand: Barratts Model: TB-KFOUNTAIN