Barratt & Co was once the largest sugar confectionery manufacturer in the world. Today it is best known for children’s confectionery products such as Sherbet Fountains and Dip Dabs.  

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Barratt Milk Teeth

240 Count per Tub

Barratt's Milk Teeth A new range of the old favourite will soon be available in store. To place you..

€12.05 €10.46 Ex Tax: €8.50

Milk Teeth Bag

12 Units per Box

Milk Teeth Bag. Tags: Milk Teeth Bag, Sweets, Barratts, Wholesale Sweets, Confectionery Distrib..

€12.16 Ex Tax: €9.89

Barratts Pink & White Jelly Bean Lovehearts (3kg) Bags

1 x 3kg Jar/Bag

Barratts Pink & White Loveheart Jelly Beans (3kg) BagsJelly Bean Lovehearts, great for a candy b..

€29.50 €18.75 Ex Tax: €15.24

Fizzy Bubblegum Bottles (3kg) Bags

1 x 3kg Bag

Pink and Blue Fizzy Bubblegum flavoured chewy bottles.Sour fruit flavour jelly sweetsBulk 3kg bag; a..

€29.50 €18.75 Ex Tax: €15.24

Jelly Babies (3kg) Bags

1 x 3kg Jar/Bag

Jelly Babies (3kg) Bags Traditional Sweets ..

€29.50 €18.75 Ex Tax: €15.24

Jelly Beans (3kg) Bags

1 x 3kg Jar/Bag

Jelly Beans (3kg). Traditional Sweets Tags: 3kg Bags, Sweets, Jelly Beans, Wholesale Swe..

€29.50 €18.75 Ex Tax: €15.24

Dolly mixture 3kg bags

1 x 3kg Jar/Bag

Dolly Mixtures Bag (3kg). Tags: Dolly Mixtures Bag, Sweets, Barratts, Wholesale Sweets, Confect..

€29.50 €18.75 Ex Tax: €15.24