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Super company, we rang with a last minute order for a festival fair and Brendan met us half way with the delivery. Highly recommend Ardara. Stock and pricing excellent, highly recommend them.
- Patricia Reidy Walsh
I highly recommend Ardara Sweet Co to anyone worldwide looking for quality sweets at wholesale prices with exceptional service.I came across Ardara Sweet Co. when I was desperately looking for last minute order which I didn't think would be possible. The price is excellent and the quality is second to none, it's the best of the best. All I can say is that Jackie is the absolute best, most friendly and customer focused staff I've ever come across. Even though order was placed very late, she still managed to have it delivered to me next day in Kildare. You guys have no idea how great your efforts were appreciated because you saved my daughter's birthday and I'll forever be grateful. One thing is for sure, Ardara Sweet Co is now my number one go to place and I'll never ever go anywhere else. Thank you so so much Jackie, you're an absolute star and it's staff like you that helps companies strive. Thank you!
- Elena Okharedia — Kildare
Great value & Offers, Super fast delivery, always very helpful.
- Anne Nolan — Clara, Co Offaly, Ireland
Excellent service would highly recommend sweetco.ie everything I ordered came and I will be recommending to everyone this great service thank u
- Alma Dowling
30 Units per Box
Eye Poppers: Range of Kids' Gum.Tags: Zedcandy, Kids Sweets, Eye Poppers, Wholesale Sweets, Confec..
Ex Tax: €11.79
1 1kg Jar/Bag
1 kg Choc Honeycomb JarTags: Celtic Confectionery, Retro lines, Novelties, Sweets, Chocolate Hone..
€29.52 €19.62
Ex Tax: €15.95
Giant Jelly PizzasLarge Selection of Assorted range in our Kids Lines.Tags: Look A Look, Kids Swe..
Ex Tax: €48.37
36 Units per Box
Tubble Gum: Large Selection of Assorted range in our Kids Lines.Tags: Trolli, Kids Sweets, Tubble ..
Ex Tax: €19.85
60 Units per Box
Wham Bar: Range of Kids' Bars.Tags: Bars, Kids, Chocolate, Wham Bar, Wholesale Sweets, Confecti..
€14.76 €10.46
Ex Tax: €8.50
60 Count per Tub
Lipsticks: Large Selection of Assorted range in our Kids Lines.Tags: Swizzels, Kids Sweets, Lip..
€12.18 €10.46
Ex Tax: €8.50
120 Units per Box
Double Lolly Pop: Range of Kids' Pops.Tags: Swizzels, Kids Sweets, Double Lolly Pop, Wholesale ..
€17.22 €11.69
Ex Tax: €9.50
12 Units per Box
Toxic Waste Barrel. Retro SweetsAll prices displayed EX VAT.Tags: Retro, Sweets, Toxic Wast..
€17.32 €14.15
Ex Tax: €11.50
240 Count per Tub
Barratt's Milk TeethA new range of the old favourite will soon be available in store. To place you..
€12.05 €10.46
Ex Tax: €8.50
1 Units per Box
Freddo Chocolate: Cadburys Kids Bars.All prices displayed EX VAT.Tags: Chocolate, Bars, Cadburys, ..
Ex Tax: €0.23
1 3kg Jar/Bag
Verquin Raspberry Bon Bons (3kg). Traditional SweetsAll prices displayed EX VAT.Tags: 3kg Bag..
€29.50 €18.45
Ex Tax: €15.00
120 Count per Tub
Pigs Mug: 5c Sweets.   Tags: Swizzels, Kids Sweets, Pigs Mug, Wholesale Sweets, Co..
€14.76 €6.49
Ex Tax: €5.28
1 3kg Jar/Bag
Swizzel Mini Love Hearts Bags (3kg)   approx. 250 rolls   Shelf Life 12 months ..
€29.52 €19.07
Ex Tax: €15.50