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Barratt Milk Teeth

240 Count per Tub

Barratt's Milk Teeth A new range of the old favourite will soon be available in store. To place y..

€12.05 €11.50 Ex Tax: €9.35

Cadburys Childrens Dairy Milk

60 Units per Box

Childrens Dairy Milk: Cadburys Kids Bars. Tags: Chocolate, Bars, Cadburys, Childrens Dairy Milk,..

€40.53 Ex Tax: €32.95

Cadburys Dairy Milk ( 48 Bars)

48 Units per Box

Dairy Milk: Cadburys Standard Bar. Tags: Chocolate, Bars, Cadburys, Dairy Milk, Wholesale Sweets..

€61.50 €39.99 Ex Tax: €32.51

Cadburys Milk Tray

6 Units per Box

Milk Tray: Cadburys Chocolate Luxury Chocolate Gift Box Selection (480g Box).Tags: Chocolate, Boxe..

€53.98 Ex Tax: €43.89

Drumstick Squashies - Original Raspberry & Milk Flavour

12 Units per Box

Drumstick Squashies: Range of Kids' Bars. Tags: Swizzels, Kids Sweets, Drumstick Squashies,..

€24.00 €12.95 Ex Tax: €10.53

Milk Teeth

24 Units per Box

Milk Teeth: New Selection of Crilly Large Bags (130g).Tags: Milk Teeth, Wholesale Sweets, Confecti..

€19.68 €17.22 Ex Tax: €14.00

Milk Teeth Bag

12 Units per Box

Milk Teeth Bag. Tags: Milk Teeth Bag, Sweets, Barratts, Wholesale Sweets, Confectionery Distrib..

€12.16 Ex Tax: €9.89

Milky Discs

48 Units per Box

Milky Discs: Nestle Small and Large Bag Range.Tags: Nestle, Bags, Sweets, Milky Discs, Wholesale S..

€32.60 Ex Tax: €26.50

Milky Mint Bag

18 Units per Box

Milky Mint Bag: Standard Bag. Tags: Ritchies, Sweets, Milky Mint Bag, Wholesale Sweets, Confecti..

€22.67 Ex Tax: €18.43

Milky Stars

36 Units per Box

Milky Stars: Mars Chocolate Small and Large Bags.Tags: Mars, Bags, Chocolate, Milky Stars, Wholesa..

€25.65 Ex Tax: €20.85

Milky Way

48 Units per Box

Milky Way: Mars Chocolate Bar Range.Tags: Mars, Bars, Chocolate, Milky Way, Wholesale Sweets, Conf..

€17.18 Ex Tax: €13.97

Milky Way Crispy Roll

24 Units per Box

Milky Way Crispy Roll: Mars Chocolate Bar Range.Tags: Mars, Bars, Chocolate, Milky Way Crispy Roll..

€14.48 Ex Tax: €11.77

Milkybar Medium

40 Units per Box

Milkybar Medium: Nestle Chocolate Bar Range.Tags: Nestle, Bars, Chocolate, Milkybar Medium, Whole..

€35.55 Ex Tax: €28.90

Milkybar Small

54 Units per Box

Milkybar Small: Nestle Chocolate Bar Range. Tags: Nestle, Bars, Chocolate, Milkybar Small, Whole..

€18.79 Ex Tax: €15.28

Swizzels Fungum Milk Bottles 2c Tubs (600 count)

600 Count per Tub

Fun Gums tubs are popular for wedding candy buffets and your guests will love them as they look and ..

€12.00 €9.25 Ex Tax: €7.52