What we do


Looking for confectionery for an upcoming event, then no doubt you have been googling online sweets and what is the best but cheapest online sweet store in Ireland.  So you have stumbled on SweetCo - good choice!


When browsing our site, you will notice that we sell in bulk and generally not single items, there are exceptions, for example, we sell chocolate gift boxes in single units as well in bulk.  www.sweetco.ie  is for the public to buy sweets in bulk but much cheaper than if you were to buy the same quantities in any high street shop.  


We also have a trade website, www.wholesale.sweetco.ie and this is for your trade customers, whereby, a trade customer can create and account and once approved will have access to wholesale prices.  This is only applicable to business owners, e.g. retailers, hospitality industry and corporate business.


We stock a large range of confectionery, everything in fact from Irish to American Sweets, Chocolate Bars, Jellies, Liquorice, Sour, Fizzy, Mallows, Chewing Gum, Snacks, Traditional Boiled Sweets to your throwback Retro Sweets of the 1980’s and 90s and everything in between.  Often or not, unless you know definitely what you want, it can be overwhelming. .


If you are having an event where you expect large numbers, it is probably more economical to buy your confectionery in bulk.  Most probably, you should take a look at our bulk buy section, where most of the sweets come in weights of 3kg, 2kg or 1kg, also Jars.  Popular choices in the 3kg range Swizzels Love Hearts, Refresher Chews, Blue Raspberry and Strawberry Bon Bons, Haribo Sweets such as Giant Strawberries and Cola Bottles.


We also stock a large range of sweet tubs, such as Haribo, Swizzels, Sweetzone, Fini and more popular brands.  The advantage of opting for tubs, is that you can get more variety, a bit like pick n mix but better value all round.


American Candy has become very popular lately with products such as Jolly Rancher, Sour Patch, Nerds and Wonka Bars being sought after. Check out our American Candy Section as it has a large variety of candy.


Many events will have a sweet table or candy cart and to impress your guests, you will need to display your confectionery in a way that gives the wow factor!  Again we have a large range of exquisite sweet jars and containers to suit any occasion, also candy scoops that come in a variety of colours and candy paper bags, your guests need something to put their sweets in.


Our candy bags also come in a variety of colours, allowing you to colour coordinate to your event if need be.  It may also be an ideal to use jar labels, as some of your guests may have dietary requirements such as gluten-free, so jars need to be labeled to reflect this.


This leads on to our health section, where we have sourced products that are suitable for customers that may require gluten-free sweets, vegetarians, sugar-free, vegans, dairy and nut free.  We have also recently introduced the health bar range Fulfil to this section and continue to expand this area.


In need of a special gift, perhaps one of sweet hampers, gift box or retro sweet hampers could be the answer, as these are beautifully wrapped and you can add your own personal message also.  Need something even more special, then give us a call or email anytime and we can arrange to make up personal hamper of your choice.


So What are People Buying?


We stock all major brands including Cadburys, Haribo, Swizzels Matlow, Mars, Nestle, Fini, Trolli, Sweetzone, Caffreys, Cleeves, Hersheys, Reese, Vidal, Rocher, Jolly Rancher, Nerds, Wonka, Tayto and many, many more.


Interested to know what our most popular sellers are, well here is our Top 20:


  1. Milk Teeth

  2. Love Hearts 3KG

  3. Blue Raspberry Bon Bons (3kg)

  4. Strawberry Bon Bons (3kg) Bags

  5. Pigs Mug

  6. Haribo Rings 2c sweets

  7. Toffee Bon Bons (3kg) Bags

  8. Refresher Chew 3KG

  9. Haribo Yellow Bellies

  10. Haribo Fizzy Cola Bottles

  11. Jelly Babies 2 cent sweet tub

  12. Haribo 2c Cola Bottles Tub

  13. Freddo Chocolate

  14. Jelly Beans (3kg) Bags

  15. Haribo Giant Suckers

  16. Smiles

  17. Haribo Sour Cherries

  18. Haribo Red Throb Hearts 960g

  19. Red Band Strawberries

  20. Trebor Mint Imperial


It’s Party time.


It’s not just confectioner we stock, we have a great range of party supplies and themes children’s birthday parties, adult occasions and seasonal events!


Balloons & Decorations

What’s a party without balloons! Browse our huge range of latex balloons in all colours and for all occasions. Choose from birthday balloons for kids and adults, seasonal, special occasion or, plain colour balloons perfect for any event and much more!


We also stock a lovely range of Hanging decorations, swirls, banners and bunting in a variety of colours.




We have plain and themed tableware, these include plates, napkins, cups, tablecovers, party hats.  So if your little one is into Paw Patrol or Frozen, you can get all you need on sweetco.ie for their themed party.  We also have themed party bundles so you can make even more savings.



Whatever the season, you will find something to suit on our online store, so whether it’s Christmas, Valentines, Easter, St. Patrick’s Day or Halloween, sweets, treats and party accessories are in stock to suit the occasion.


Religious Events

There can be alot activity around 1st Holy Communions, Confirmations and Christenings, so don’t stress, we have a section dedicated to religious events whereby you can simply get all the items you need to create the perfect ambience for the big day and then just add the sweets of your choice.  We have put together a Blue Sweet Package and a Pink Sweet Package for such events and as they are bundled packages, they are cheaper still.




We get many queries in relation to wedding sweets packages and therefore we have a dedicated wedding blog for all you brides and grooms, please go to https://www.sweetco.ie/blog/Wedding-candy-carts or dive right into our sections on weddings on https://www.sweetco.ie/weddings/


SweetCo is the the largest supplier of online sweet store and by far the cheapest, we are constantly trying to improve our website based on our customer feedback, which we greatly value, please feel free to send in your suggestions on how we can improve our site for greater functionality.


Perhaps you have an idea how we can improve our service and communication, again we value our customers input, this is how businesses learn to improve and grow.