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Barley Sugar
-24 %
1 x 3kg Bag
A delicious barley sugar flavoured boiled sweet individually wrapped, a popular retro sweet...
€25.77 €19.62 Ex Tax:€15.95
Brand: Oatfield
1 x 2.5kg Jar/Bag
Oatfield Eskimo Mints: Traditional hand-made toffees and boiled sweets. Sold per Jar basis. Recommended Retail Pricer per quarter weight (113g).. ..
€29.95 Ex Tax:€24.35
Pineapple Cubes
-24 %
1x 3kg Bag
Pineapple Cubes are one of the most popular old fashioned boiled sweets...
€25.77 €19.62 Ex Tax:€15.95
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