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Party Sweets

Party Sweets

Looking for sweets for parties? We have all you need on SweetCo.  Bulk buy sweets for weddings, birthday parties, communions, confirmations, christenings, anniversaries, baby showers, seasonal occasions and any occasion really.  Party Sweets and Party Supplies all in one place...couldn't be handier!

Brand: Sweetzone
6 Units per Box
A retro favourite is our Candy Floss range. People love candy floss as a light and fluffy treat, and it’s a sweet most remember fondly from their childhood. In addition, candy floss is a sweet you can eat without worrying too much about the impact it will have on your waistline. It is supplied in ..
€9.83 Ex Tax:€8.12
Brain Licker
-13 % Out Of Stock
Brand: SweetCo
12 Units per Box
Brain Licker - a favourite of the Retro Kind Sour Candy Drink - 60mls ..
€15.74 €13.76 Ex Tax:€11.37
Candy Floss x 12 (20g) tubs
Hot -32 %
Brand: Sweetzone
12 Units per Box
Candy Floss 20g Pots: Large Selection of Assorted range in our Kids Lines.   20g Pots come with assorted strawberry and vanilla flavours, and provide a light and fluffy treat with only 20g of sugar in each serving. Tags: Sweets, Retro, Kids Sweets, Candy Floss, Wholesale Sweets, Confectionery, ..
€14.52 €9.83 Ex Tax:€8.12
Caramel Cups 4kg
-22 %
Brand: Rose

1 x 4kg

Caramel Cups: Large Selection of Assorted range in our Kids Lines. Tags: Sweets, Retro, Kids Sweets, Caramel Cups, Wholesale Sweets, Confectionery, irish sweets, candy sweets, party supplies. ..
€60.50 €47.19 Ex Tax:€39.00
Chewits Roll - Strawberry
-35 %
Brand: SweetCo
40 Units per Box
Chewits Roll: Strawberry Flavour...
€24.20 €15.67 Ex Tax:€12.95
Brand: SweetCo
1 Unit
Chewits Roll: Strawberry Flavour...
€0.47 Ex Tax:€0.39
Chocolate Jazzies (3kg) Chocolate Jazzies (3kg)
-37 %
Brand: SweetCo
1 x 3kg Box
Chocolate flavour candy with a candy toppingNo artificial colours or flavoursSuitable for vegetariansBulk 3kg box; approx 1750 piecesChocolate flavoured discs covered with brightly coloured candy sprinkles. ..
€34.36 €21.62 Ex Tax:€17.87
Chupa Chup Wheel Pops Chupa Chup Wheel Pops
Out Of Stock
Brand: Chupa Chupa
200 Count 
The full retail spiny display Chupa Chup stand with 200 assorted Chupa Chup Lollies Chupa Chups are manufactured to the highest quality and are favourite pop of choice.The Chupa Chup Wheel makes a great centrepiece for any party or event.The Chupa Wheel can be reused many times, all you nee..
€45.24 Ex Tax:€37.39
Drumstick Pop Drumstick Pop
-10 %
Brand: Swizzels
60 Units per Box
Drumstick Pop: Range of Kids' Pops. Tags: Swizzels, Kids Sweets, Drumstick Pop, Wholesale Sweets, Confectionery, irish sweets, candy sweets, party supplies...
€14.75 €13.25 Ex Tax:€10.95
Eat A Yolk
Hot -7 %
Brand: Walkers
140 Units per Box
Walker's Eat a Yolk:There is nothing quite like the taste of Walkers Eat A Yolk to take you down memory lane and create some new ones along the way.Chocolate Flavoured Eggs with Vanilla Flavoured Fondant, yum, yum!Retail at 15c each. ..
€20.65 €19.18 Ex Tax:€15.85
Brand: SweetCo
50 Units per Box
Euro Bank Notes,eating paper,kids sweets..
€36.30 Ex Tax:€30.00
Brand: SweetCo
1 Units per Box
Facebook Addict Dummies: Novelty Dummies with Lanyard Straps. Please contact us directly to order this product.Tags: Candy, Novelty, Dummies, Facebook Addict Dummies, Wholesale Sweets, Confectionery, irish sweets, candy sweets, party supplies...
€2.41 €2.41 Ex Tax:€1.99
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