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King Regal

Brand: King Regal
40 Count per Tub
King Regal Liquorice sticks..
€11.44 Ex Tax:€9.30
Brand: King Regal
200 Count per Tub
Regal Fizzy Belts: 5c Sweets.Apple Flavoured King Regal Belts.  Perfect for parties and treat bags...
€17.84 €15.74 Ex Tax:€12.80
Brand: King Regal
0 Count per Tub
Sour Strawberry Belts: 10c Sweets.Tags: Sweets, Kids Sweets, Retro, Sour Strawberry Belts, Wholesale Sweets, Confectionery, irish sweets, candy sweets, party supplies...
€16.99 Ex Tax:€13.81
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