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Brand: Hersheys Model: TR-SHCOOK
24 per Box
Hershey's Chocolate Cookie Bar 43gSmall crunchy pieces of chocolate cookies surrounded with rich creamy milk chocolate. 12 pieces of tasty Hershey's chocolate per barManufactured for The Hershey Company ..
€46.80 €39.99 Ex Tax:€32.51
Brand: Hersheys Model: TR-SHCOOKCREAM
24 per Box
Hershey's Cookie n Cream Bar (24 x 43g)White Chocolate Flavoured Candy with Cookie Pieces.Hershey's Cookies 'n' Creme combines the sweet taste of classic white chocolate with pieces of cookie. The cookie in this Hershey's bar provides a crunch to complement the smooth and rich white chocolatey goodn..
€46.80 €39.99 Ex Tax:€32.51
Brand: Hersheys Model: HY-SELBOX
1 x 160g selection box
4 full size bars inside Each selection box contains:2 x Cookies 'N' Creme Bar 43g1 x Cookies 'N' Chocolate Bar 43g1 x Creamy Milk Chocolate Bar 43g..
€4.94 Ex Tax:€4.02
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