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Caffreys have been manufacturing confectionery for over 70 years where quality has been a family tradition.  Caffreys are the oldest established Irish family owned chocolate company trading under their own family name. Still family owned and managed. Their confectionery brands are household names in Ireland and include such famous names as Snowballs, Tea Cakes, Macaroon bars, Big Time bars, Easter Eggs, etc. 

Brand: Caffreys Model: ORKD5503
56 Units per Box
Macaroon: Range of Kids' Bars.Tags: Sweets, Retro, Kids Sweets, Macaroon, Wholesale Sweets, Confectionery, irish sweets, candy sweets, party supplies...
€28.99 €23.99 Ex Tax:€19.50
Brand: Caffreys Model: ORKD5039
56 Units per Box
€28.99 €23.99 Ex Tax:€19.50
Brand: Caffreys Model: CY-SNOWBALL

24 per Box

A delicious coated snowball coated in coconut from Caffrey's, manufacturers of traditional Irish chocolate...
€13.99 Ex Tax:€11.37
Brand: Caffreys Model: CY-WINNER

24 per Box

Look what's back!Cast your mind back a few decades when these one of the most popular bars around.Winner Bar with soft caramel and crispies covered in milk chocolate - delicious!!..
€17.99 Ex Tax:€14.63
Brand: Caffreys Model: ORKD5505
56 Units per Box
Caffreys Big Time Bar..
€28.99 €23.99 Ex Tax:€19.50
Brand: Caffreys Model: ORKD5510
48  Units per Box
Caffreys Easter Eggs - Covered Mallow Eggs..
€12.00 €10.99 Ex Tax:€8.93