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Throughout much of the nineteenth century, Bassett’s was the largest sugar confectionery manufacturer in the world. Today the brand is best known for Liquorice Allsorts and Jelly Babies. 

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Bassetts Jelly Babies Bag

12 Units per Box

Jelly Babies Bag: Large Bags.Tags: Bags, Bassetts, Sweets, Jelly Babies Bag, Wholesale Sweets, ..

€14.39 €13.53 Ex Tax: €11.00

Bassetts Liquorice Allsorts

12 Units per Box

Liquorice Allsorts: Large Bags.Tags: Bags, Bassetts, Sweets, Liquorice Allsorts, Wholesale..

€14.49 Ex Tax: €11.78

Sour Patch Theatre Box

12 Units per Box

Warheads Sour Twist Theatre BoxClassic for a reason, our punch-packing, WARHEADS Warheads Sour T..

€24.99 €22.49 Ex Tax: €18.29