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American Sweets

American Sweets

Due to popular demand, we are now stocking some of the most popular American Sweets loved by our friends in the U.S.

Check out our range of American Candy Sweets including Jolly Rancher, Mike & Ike, Bean Boozled, Warheards, Nerds, Baby Ruth and many more....

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M&Ms White Chocolate

24 Units per Box

M&M White ChocolateDelicious Candy shell-covered white chocolate in packs of 42.5g.Sold in 24 pa..

€38.75 €34.87 Ex Tax: €28.35

Nerds - Grape & Strawberry

36 Units per Box

For the love of NerdsGotta-have Grape and Seriously StawberryEach pack contains 36 x 46.7..

€43.05 €38.75 Ex Tax: €31.50

Nerds - Watermelon & Cherry

36 Units per Box

For the love of Nerdswhat-A-melon and so very cherryEach pack contains 36 x 46.7g boxes ..

€43.05 €38.75 Ex Tax: €31.50

Rainbow Nerds Theatre Box

12 Units per Box

Rainbow Nerds Theatre BoxTiny, tangy crunchy candy in rainbow colours.  These all-american favouri..

€36.90 €33.21 Ex Tax: €27.00

Sour Bang Cotton Candy

12 Units per Box

Sour Bang Cotton CandyYour taste buds will go crazy with these deliciously tongue-twisting flavour..

€11.99 €10.79 Ex Tax: €8.78

Throwback Bottlecaps

12 Units per Box

Throwback Bottlecaps Theatre BoxSoda pop flavored candies shaped like little bottle caps. This the..

€36.90 €33.21 Ex Tax: €27.00

Baby Ruth Bar

24 per box

Baby Ruth BarBaby Ruth is an American candy bar made of peanuts, caramel, and chocolate-flavored..

€29.50 €26.55 Ex Tax: €21.58

Bean Boozled Original

24 per Box

Bean Boozled Original..

€84.00 €58.49 Ex Tax: €47.56

Jolly Ranchers 3oz (85g)

48 Bags per Box

Jolly RanchersMouth watering, delicious hard candy, bursting with sweet-tart flavor that lasts ..

€139.99 €99.00 Ex Tax: €80.49

Laffy Taffy Grape 23g

24 Units per Box

Laffy Taffy GrapeLaffy Taffy is an incredible long lasting flavorful chew with an intense grape ..

€13.99 €12.59 Ex Tax: €10.23

Mike & Ike Jolly Joes

12 Units per Box

Mike & Ike Jolly JoesSatisfy your GRAPE expectations with JOLLY JOES®! Experience the real fruit..

€28.50 €25.65 Ex Tax: €20.85

Mike & Ike Red Rageous

12 Units per Box

Mike & Ike Red RageousEveryone's favorite red fruit flavored MIKE AND IKE® candies in one box cr..

€28.50 €25.65 Ex Tax: €20.85

Red Swedish Fish Theatre Box

12 Units per Box

Red Swedish Fish Theatre BoxSwedish Fish is a fish-shaped chewy candy, originally developed by t..

€24.99 €22.49 Ex Tax: €18.29

Runts Theatre Box

12 Boxes per Unit

Runts Theatre Box..

€20.32 €18.29 Ex Tax: €18.29

Small Nerds Christmas Hamper

1 x 250g

These Small Nerds Christmas Hamper will make a lovely gift idea or great stocking filler this Christ..

€9.99 €7.65 Ex Tax: €6.22