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Gold Wedding Package

1 Party Package

Valentine Treats

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Wedding Planning?


Great ideas for Wedding Sweets for Wedding Favours or your Candy Buffet Table.

Wedding Packages also available...

Gold Wedding Package

Our Silver Wedding Sweet Package includes the following for an amazing value of €200.00:

  1. Barratts Fizzy Cola Pops: 120 Count
  2. Barratts Milk Teeth: 240 Count
  3. Haribo Cola Bottles: 38 Count
  4. Haribo Friendship Rings: 240 Count
  5. Haribo Giant Suckers 75 Count
  6. Haribo HeartThrobs: (960g)
  7. Haribo Maoam Chews: 150 Count
  8. Haribo Sour Cherries: 150 Count
  9. Haribo Yellow Bellies: 35 Count
  10. Pink and White Mallows (1kg)
  11. Raspberry Flavour Blue Bon Bons (3kg)
  12. Redband Smiles 120 Count
  13. Redband Strawberries: 150 Count
  14. Swizzels Mini Love Hearts (3kg)
  15. Swizzels Variety mix (3kg
  16. Swizzels Giant Mushrooms 120 Count
  17. Swizzels Giant Toothbrush 120 Count
  18. Swizzels Pigs Mugs 120 Count

This package would be suitable for medium to large weddings.

Price is inclusive of VAT and Delivery.

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Buying sweets in Bulk has never cheaper. 

So if you are a planning a wedding, party, or promotional event, then check out our great confectionery offers!

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