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Roll Sweets

Roll Sweets
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Trebor Softmints Green

40 Units per Box

Trebor Softmints GreenSoftmints Green: Cadburys Mints and Sweet Rolls.All prices displayed EX VA..

€29.52 Ex Tax: €24.00

Werther Roll

24 Units per Box

Werther Roll: Roll Sweets.Tags: Werthers, Sweets, Werther Roll, Wholesale Sweets, Confectionery Di..

€14.69 €12.24 Ex Tax: €9.95

Xxx Rolls

36 Units per Box

Xxx Rolls (Tripple X Rolls):  Roll Sweets.Tags: Foxes, Bags, Sweets, Xxx Rolls, Tripple X Rol..

€20.23 €14.15 Ex Tax: €11.50