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Brain Licker Popping Candy

60 Units per Box

Brain Licker Popping Candy - Cola Flavour:Best Value Sweets, Wedding Sweets, Retro Sweets, Ki..

€18.39 Ex Tax: €14.95

Candy Necklace

60 Count per Tub

Candy Necklaces & Watches.Candy Castle Crew Candy Necklaces - 100 x 12gBest Value Sweets, We..

€22.13 Ex Tax: €17.99

Ireland Dummy

36 Units per Box

Ireland Dummy: Novelty Tri-Colour Dummy. Please contact us directly to order this product.Tags:..

€26.57 Ex Tax: €21.60

Mallow Men

20 Count per Tub

Mallow Men: Large Range of Novelty ConfectioneryAll prices displayed ex-VATMallow Men, Novelty..

€55.35 €39.98 Ex Tax: €32.50

Paw Patrol Chocolate Eggs x 24

24 Units per Box

Paw Patrol 24 x 20g Eggs Milk chocolate egg with surprise Best Value Sweets, Wedding Sweets, Retro S..

€28.91 Ex Tax: €23.50

Red Dummies

36 Units per Box

Red Dummies: Novelty Red Dummy.   Novelty Red Dummies.  Count of 36 per Box.Tags: Candy, Nove..

€66.42 €30.75 Ex Tax: €25.00

Tirma Maxi

28 Units per Box

Tirma MaxiTirma Wafers: Delicious Crunchy wafers filled with delicious flavoured creams and covere..

€18.39 Ex Tax: €14.95